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Our Mission

“Worship the King – Grow the Kingdom”

We are called to be people with a strong and clear Kingdom Consciousness. This means that we carry a life informing awareness that God reigns, which means we seek to honour and extend that reign.

This “Worship the King – Grow the Kingdom” Mission Statement calls us to the following five aspects of Mission as a Christian Congregation.abtimg

To make Worship central to the life of the congregation. Worship services are ideally times of real worship of the heart, soul, mind and strength. Worship services are also ideally times of inspiration and transformation.

To grow the Kingdom of God through Evangelism. The Kingdom of God grows larger as people enter into a relationship with Jesus. Our mission as a local congregation is to draw people into that relationship.

To grow the Kingdom of God through Discipleship. The Kingdom of God grows deeper through the kinds of people we are once we have become Christians. Our mission is to disciple Christians so that they experience a transformation of their heart and minds into becoming true followers of Jesus.

To grow the Kingdom of God grows through Ministry. The Kingdom of God grows more real through the ministry of the local congregation. Our mission is to be the body of Christ to the community around us and further afield. This is about being the hands that care in our community.

To grow the Kingdom of God through Community building. The Kingdom of God grows more believable through the kinds of relationships we have with each other as Christians in a local congregation. Our mission is to build true community amongst the diverse peoples of our congregation. The primary unit of this community life is the Home Groups, Classes and other holistic small groups.

Our Values

  1. Empowering Leadership: To help Christians develop greater degrees of empowerment so that they become all that God wants them to be.
  2. Gift-orientated Ministry: It is vital that people discover their spiritual gifts; completing extraordinary tasks that God has empowered them to do.
  3. Passionate Spirituality: We nurture a relationship with Christ that is radical in its commitment rather than nominal. Churches filled with people who live out their faith with commitment, fire and enthusiasm are growing churches.
  4. Functional Structure: The institutional structures of the church must support the calling and purpose of the church. No structure exists as an end in itself.
  5. Inspiring Worship: Sunday services need to facilitate real encounters with God through whole-hearted, intimate worship.
  6. Holistic Small Groups: Where Christians can find connections, practical help and intensive spiritual interaction.
  7. Need-Orientated Evangelism: Reaching out to the lost, sharing God’s Gospel
  8. Loving Relationships: Loving our neighbours as ourselves.



TMC’s history goes as far back as post-WWII when returning soldiers settled in the newly-developing suburbs of Roosevelt Park and Montgomery Park. A Methodist home group was then started up in the nearby suburb of Linden, which soon gave rise to a women’s auxiliary group and a Sunday school (meeting in the Roosevelt Park Primary School hall). After Sunday worship services were started at the Firlands Salvation Army hall, the Roosevelt Park Methodist Church was constituted in 1957.

Later that year a property was purchased in Linden, and building commenced on a large hall. At the dedication of the hall, the church was renamed Trinity Methodist Church. The church itself was completed in 1965, and the foyer added in 1982. Over time an office block was added, a youth hall built, and a large educare centre erected. The church chapel, which is home to three main services, was completed in 1998.