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TRINITY'S VISION STATEMENT - 2012 and beyond (18 Jan 2012, 10:16 - Neil Oosthuizen)

In late 2010 we felt God calling us, as leaders, to re-examine Trinity's vision, goals, and structures. After a lengthy process we arrived at a new Vision Statement, which will take us into 2012 and beyond...

Our Vision

 A vibrant African family, growing our community in Christ


Our Mission Statement

God calls Trinity Methodist Church to glorify God as we live according to Kingdom principles.

Our Kingdom Principles:

  • A deepened spirituality
    • Christ centred
    • Bible saturated
    • Prayer powered
    • Disciple producing
  • Living according to the Methodist Rule of Life
    • do good
    • do no harm
    • love God passionately
  • Rediscovering "every member ministry - the priesthood of all believers”
  • Embracing all diversity
  • Committed to Servant leadership
  • Evangelism and Church Growth
  • Justice and Mercy
  • Human upliftment and sustainability
  • Environmental consciousness
  • Living family values and wholeness
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"Where there is no vision, my people will perish" [Proverbs 129 v 18]
i. The six calls of the Journey to a New Land.
In early 1991 the Methodist Church of Southern Africa began a process of canvassing all Circuits, Societies, and Members to ascertain what “shape” the MCSA should take as the sub-continent journeyed towards a new beginning with all the political unfoldings in South Africa. The responses from Circuits were fed to a convocation called in mid 1993. After a time of prayer, Scripture study, listening to God and one another, the Convocation finalized six “calls” that were to guide the Church as we journeyed into a new political and social dispensation:
a deepened spirituality in the life of the Church;
a conscious move from maintenance to mission;
a rediscovery of every-member ministry;
an engagement with what it means “to be one so that the world may believe” (John 17:21);
all ministry must be modeled on servant-leadership and discernment; and
the clergy must be set free to exercise their primary vocation (i.e. preaching, teaching, spiritual guidance, and leadership).
ii. The vision of the MCSA.
In 1998 the tri-annual Convocation of the MCSA adopted a simple, but profound vision:
“A Christ-healed Africa... for the healing of the nations”.
iii. Fulfilling the vision statement.
The MCSA seeks to fulfil this vision by recognizing God’s call “to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ for healing and transformation”. The proclamation of the gospel must be firmly based on the four pillars of mission:
Evangelism and Church Growth; and
Justice and Service.
 It is within the life, ministry, and mission of the wider MCSA that Trinity seeks to live out God’s revelatory vision for us as a Church.
i. Trinity’s Vision
“An African Methodist Family committed to Healing and Transformation in Jesus”.
ii. The values underpinning our Vision and the living out of this call.

† “... African...”

Situated on the continent of Africa, we must always seek to discover and express the deep richness of our continent, and especially our South African context...

  • our membership reflects the full demographics of our community;
  • we are committed to journeying together in a spirituality rooted in our African context; and
  • we give expression to this in our worship and life together.

† “... Methodist...”

As a part of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, and of the wider Methodist Family throughout the world, we seek to base our life and practices within our Wesleyan heritage...

  • God’s love is for all people (“All need to be saved”), and is appropriated as a gift of God through faith (“All can be saved”);
  • God desires that all people grow to full maturity in Him (“All can be saved fully”), and are enabled to live out their relationship in their daily life (“All can know that they are saved”), as they are empowered by the Holy Spirit;
  • we are committed to the Church of which we are a part, and give appropriate expression to our Connexionality; and
  • we are twinned with a Methodist Church in another Connexion, and will give appropriate expression to this relationship.

† “... Family...”

In Christ Jesus we are “born again” into the Family of God, and so seek to give expression to this in our beliefs, life, and ministry together...

  • we welcome into membership all who are born again into the Family of God, or who are seeking a closer fellowship with God, and are wanting to be a part of the Trinity Family;
  • we believe that everything we do as a Family should be based on a loving relationship in Christ;
  • our Family includes all members, regardless of age, race, culture, language, or ability;
  • we express ourselves as Family as we gather regularly in worship;
  • recognizing our rich diversity, we seek to provide special love, care, and growth opportunities for the children and youth, the elderly, and the physically-challenged, among us;
  • our Church can only grow as each member is encouraged to discover, develop, and exercise his/her spiritual gifting within the life of the Church;
  • we are committed to being good stewards as we manage all God has entrusted to us with integrity and transparency; and
  • while seeing ourselves as a “nuclear” Family at Trinity, we are a part of the wider Church-Family in our community, and seek to share our life and ministry with our brothers and sisters from other Churches

† “... committed to Healing...”

As Christ-followers we believe that God desires complete healing and wholeness for all of creation...

  • we are committed to offering the healing of Christ to every member of the Family, and to journeying with each other towards complete Christian wholeness;
  • we will offer God’s healing to the wider community, seeking to be the means of that healing to all people and society; and
  • we are committed to bringing wholeness to all of the created world.

† “... committed to ... Transformation...”

Jesus came that all the world may be recreated and transformed into the Kingdom of God on earth...

  • in Christ we are all being recreated, and are committed to growing ourselves, and one another, to full maturity in Christ;
  • this spiritual growth happens best in small accountability-groups; and
  • we are committed to being agents of transformation in the society and world in which we live.

† “... in Jesus”.

The living out of God’s values in our life, ministry, and mission, is totally dependant on the power of the Holy Spirit, as guided by the Living Word as encountered in the Bible.

ii. Living out our values – our goals as a Church.

In order to be “An African Methodist Family committed to healing and transformation in Jesus” we aim to:

  • attract people from the wider community to Trinity, and to provide the opportunity for all people to come into a living relationship with God (evangelism);
  • gather at least weekly to celebrate God’s grace and love in our lives (worship);
  • facilitate every member growing towards Christian maturity and wholeness (discipleship);
  • develop small groups, and other specific groups, to ensure accountable growth and loving care for all our members (fellowship);
  • provide opportunities for all members to be trained and equipped for ministry and mission (equipping);
  • encourage, equip, and support all our members in living out God’s love in the world (mission); and
  • manage the means for Trinity to achieve these goals (stewardship).
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