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Soweto Tour (11 Nov 2011, 10:21 - Dayne Myles)

 Soweto Heritage Tour


Saturday dawned and a group of 56 folk of mixed ages, met in the Trinity car park.  We all sang the Hymn "Nkosi Yam", Simphiwe lead us in prayer, then we boarded a double Decker bus and took off for Soweto. 
Along the way there were roadworks and we were diverted onto a sand road, very bumpy, and eventually there was no way to continue.  Our bus driver, a lady, surprised everyone with her expertise in maneuvering the bus, she reversed and got onto the service road next to the one we were on and we were soon back on track... definitely an adventure! 
We drove to Orlando Stadium to have a look at it from the outside, then drove around to the other side where Simphiwe spoke to someone who allowed us into the stadium grounds.  We boarded the bus again and went past Mopanya Mall, an impressive large shopping centre. 
Our next stop was the Hector Peterse Memorial, where we first we looked at the monuments outside and then went inside the museum, lots of notes to read on the history and pictures to look at, well worth a visit.  From there we drove to Vilikati Street and looked around Nelson Mandela House, it did not take long as it is not very big.  
We were all excited to be visiting Ikageng Itireleng, run by Carol Dyanti and her team, where they had prepared lunch for us.  A collection done on the bus ensured that we were able to give a reasonable donation towards their work.  The children sang to us and Carol spoke about the work she is involved in. The lunch prepared for us all was done the african way and was delicious!   We left much later than planned and arrived back at Trinity at 2:30pm.  It was nice to do something different - fun to be a tourist in ones own province.  All agreed that we would love to do outings like this more often.  Thanks Simphiwe for a most enjoyable trip!
written by Melanie Parfitt

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