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THIRD TERM TEACHING - THE BIBLE and the "Other Books" (12 Oct 2012, 13:40 - Neil Oosthuizen)

The Bible and the "Other Books", an eight-week course presented by Rev Dr Neil Oosthuizen, has drawn to a close... much to the disappointment of many of the people who attended. Presented as a part of Third Term Teaching at Trinity, the course introduced over 85 students to the Bible and the "other books" within Judaism and Christianity.
1.    The Development of the Old Testament. How the Old Testament came to be written down and reach the form that we have it today, and why this is important to us as Believers today.
2.    The Old Testament Apocrypha. The "other books" that were included in the Greek version of the OT and, therefore, in the Roman Catholic Bible and some Orthodox Scriptures.
3.    The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha. The "other books" that were important to the Jews and the early Church and were included in some translations of the OT.
4.    The Dead Sea Scrolls. The discovery, contents and importance of the scrolls discovered near the Dead Sea in Israel in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Pastor Maurice Adams presented the Thursday morning lecture.
5.    The Great Books of Judaism. The Mishnah, Tosephtah and the Talmud, and their significance for us as Christians today.
6.    The Development of the New Testament. How the various books that came to make up the NT were written and chosen for inclusion... and why this matters to us today.
7.    The Gospels and the Didache. A brief look at the other Gospels that we know about, and their significance in our faith-walk today, and at the first-century catechism The Teaching of the Telve Apostles.
8.    The Church Fathers. A brief look at the lives, writings and significance of the major scholars and theologians during the first four centuries of the Church's history.

A special thanks to Neil, Maurice, Val, Sylvia and Petros for their support and hard work.

Full notes on the series can be obtained from the Church Office.

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