Trinity Methodist Church, Linden, Johannesburg, South Africa.  |  |  +27 (011) 888 1740 / 1741

(15 Oct 2012, 12:10 - Dayne Myles)


Saturday September 1st 2012 a Pastoral Care Hospital Visitation Workshop was held at Trinity Methodist Church, Linden. 40 people attended the workshop run by Linda Harris from Rosebank Union Church

The programme included the following:

  • Teaching on the trauma of hospitalization
  • The trauma of being a patient in hospital
  • Specific requirements needed when visiting an Oncology patient
  • The Christian’s role in Hospital Visitation
  • Learning about oneself in this Ministry role.

It was an excellent workshop the highlight being the demonstration of mask fitting and the correct use of rubber gloves ( no Gary we do not blow up the rubber gloves…nice try) The section on learning about ourselves was very revealing as we discovered that we must be physically strong, socially acceptable, ecumenically flexible, emotionally mature and spiritually alive.

The workshop was enjoyed by all who attended, with a few eager to start the work of hospital visitation.

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