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DISCIPLE in 2013 (23 Jan 2013, 9:25 - Neil Oosthuizen)
The Education & Training Portfolio plans to offer two DISCIPLE courses this year...

DISCIPLE1 is a 34-week introduction to the whole Bible.

The course has three main components:
~ daily readings (between 30 to 40 minutes per day), focussing on Scripture (you will read almost 60% of the Bible) and well-researched and written notes. These notes encourage you to reflect on your walk with God in the light of the Bible readings;
~ a weekly meeting, during which you discuss the week's readings, reflect on a 10-minute video by a top Bible scholar, and share in a time of Bible study. Of course, the fellowship and friendship are also vital; and
~ an outreach challenge, encouraging you to get involved in one of our Churché Reach Out ministries during the year.

We are also offering DISCIPLE3 this year.

Designed for those who have already completed DISCIPLE1 (you do not have to have done DISCIPLE2 to sign up), this 32-week course looks at the Old Testament Prophets and the Letters of St Paul. It is structured as DISCIPLE1, with daily reading, weekly meetings and a specific challenge relating to us being an obedient community of disciples.

The cost of each course is R250-00, and some bursaries are available.

To find out more join us for the DISCIPLE Information Evening on Wednesday 30th January in the Minor Hall at 7.30pm.

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