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MANAGING MONEY GOD'S WAY - 7th & 8th June (20 Jun 2013, 21:46 - Neil Oosthuizen)

16 people gathered for the two-day course led by Neville Nightingale of Bryanston Methodist Church and Rev Dr Neil Oosthuizen of Trinity. This course, based firmly on Holy Scripture and sound financial principles, guided the delegates through the practicalities of managing one's money correctly (rather than us serving our money and possessions.

Subjects covered included:
> What God wants - us to use our money and possessions in service of the Kingdom, as part of our worship
> Financial Planning and Budgeting
> Debt and getting out of Debt
> Giving
> Buying - insurance, a home, a car, etc
> Providing for the Future
> God's Values - ownership or stewardship?
I just wanted to thank Trinity for organising the “Managing Money God’s Way” course.  It was excellent and I learnt a great deal. Thank you to Neil and Neville for the course, I am so happy I attended the course.  It was most worthwhile!  Many thanks, Gillian.

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