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DISCIPLE 2 - Into the Word, into the World (19 Jun 2011, 12:11 - Neil Oosthuizen)

DISCIPLE2 is a 32 week personal growth study

A follow-up course to DISCIPLE1, this slightly shorter course takes the disciple through the Biblical books of Genesis / Exodus and Luke / Acts.

Similar in structure to DISCIPLE1, there are certain clear differences:

1. Daily Readings:
~ Set Bible readings for five days (as you are only reading a small part of the Bible these readings are not as onerous as in DISCIPLE1); and
~ Study notes on the sixth day (once again, you get one day off a week... "You shall keep the Sabbath as a day of rest...").

2. Reflection during the week:
~ this is the main difference between DISCIPLE1 and DISCIPLE2;
~ reflection is invited each day on one particular area of the Spiritual Disciplines; this reflection is done in the light of the readings and theme for the week, and where you are in your walk as a disciple;
~ you are also invited to reflect on a particular aspect of keeping the Sabbath, and how this applies to your life; and
~ you are challenged to reflect on what God is saying into your life through the readings, notes and reflection, and how you are going to respond this week.

3. A weekly meeting:
~ ample time and opportunity to discuss the readings for the week;
~ Bible teaching (on DVD) by top Biblical scholars from the USA;
~ study and discussion of a particular Bible passage;
~ discussion on the Spiritual Discipline and Sabbath principle;
~ an opportunity to share God's Word into your life for the week; and
~ a commitment to pray for each other within the group.

DISCIPLE2 in 2011
We have 11 disciples journeying together this year. The course is led by Jenny Hart and Rev Dr Neil Oosthuizen

DISCIPLE2 in 2012
We plan to offer this exciting course again next year. To join you must have completed DISCIPLE1 in 2010 or earlier.

Watch this website, and the Church bulletin, for full details later in the year.

DISCIPLE2 testimonies

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