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SHAPE 3 June - 26 June 2014 (18 Jun 2014, 0:00 - Dayne Myles)

 Discover your shape for serving God
S – Spiritual Gifts; 
H – Heart; 
A – Abilities; 
P – Personality; 
E – Experience
What you will learn
In this course you will discover your God given potential for serving God through appreciating your particular SHAPE. I will place special emphasis on helping you discover your Spiritual Gifts and your unique spirituality. This will also help you to discern the next best step in your own personal growth. The approach used in this course and in the book is characterised by being holistic, research based and Trinitarian. If you put the lessons of this course into practice you can expect to be happier and more effective as a disciple of Jesus!
Details of the Course
SHAPE is a four week course.
You may choose:
EITHER: Tuesday evenings 7pm to 8.30pm. 
               Beginning Tuesday 3rd June
OR:        Thursday mornings 9:30am to 11am
              Beginning Thursday 5th June
Taught by:     Rev. John Wessels
Cost:                R150. 
The Resource Book:
You will receive a copy of Christian Schwarz’ “The 3 Colours of Ministry”. This is an excellent resource and is probably the best book on Spiritual Gifts.

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