Trinity Methodist Church, Linden, Johannesburg, South Africa.  |  |  +27 (011) 888 1740 / 1741

Pastoral Care Ministries (20 Jul 2011, 9:53 - Maurice Adams)

Pastoral Care Mission Statement 

'Pastoral Care Portfolio is committed to the love of Jesus, seeking to channel this love to those with emotional, physical and spiritual needs, by providing help, compassion and prayer.'

Provisions available from Pastoral Care (011 782 0367 or 082 219 2625). 

Deepfreeze Ministry

Freezer meals available to those who need them i.e. to families with family members in hospital, people who have just moved into the Linden area, families with newborns etc: Please ask Pastoral care for meals.


Living Oceans Apart Ministry

Get togethers held on a regular basis of people needing support whose families live far away. Next get together is planned for Saturday 13th August, details to follow.


Hospital Visitations.

Need anyone visited in hospital or at home? Please contact Pastoral Care to arrange visits. If you feel the person needs flowers as well please also mention that.


Home/Hospital Communion.

Ministerial and Pastoral staff are always available to take communion to people in hospital or in any home situation. Please contact Pastoral Care to arrange such a communion visitation. 


Availability of Prayer

Prayer Stewards are available after every Sunday morning service to pray with anyone who requests prayer. After the 7:30am and 10:30am services prayers with the stewards are carried out at the altar rail. After the 9am services the Prayer Stewards are available in the Prayer Chapel. The Prayer Chapel is open 7 days a week should you need somewhere quiet to pray.

Link Ministry

If you are in need of prayer or you know someone else in need of prayer please contact the office with your request (or speak to Maurice after the service on a Sunday) and we will add it to our weekly prayer brochure, the Link. Any immediate prayer requests can be done online by clicking here. Or by clicking on prayer requests in the top tab)

In adding to the above ministries the vision of Pastoral Care, going forward:

to develop a church-based counselling ministry that is aimed at providing free, easily accessible, high quality, basic but comprehensive counselling services available to all members of the congregation as well as to the members of the local community.  

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