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THIRD TERM TEACHING - Manna & Mercy (05 Oct 2011, 13:11 - Neil Oosthuizen)
The Manna & Mercy course, based on the book by Lutheran pastor Daniel Erlander, was presented by Neil and Maurice as a part of our Third Term Teaching. The six week course takes one through the whole Bible story, giving the student "A brief history of God's unfolding promise to mend the entire universe".

The course was run on a Tuesday evening (11 participants) and Thursday morning (7 folk).

Some of the comments:

My approach to reading the Bible has changed to one of introspection and understanding of the meaning of the Word in my life and world. Liz.

I would just like to thank you both for facilitating the Manna and Mercy course in a friendly and relaxed environment. It was wonderful to learn more about God's Word and how the threads are woven together. Lorraine.

We need to know the history of the ancient world of the past, to be able to move forward into the Godworld of today. The Manna & Mercy course has opened my understanding and given me a new hunger for the Godword in this present today world. Iris.

I found the course gave me a wonderful overview of the Bible story, and particularly new insight into the interpretation of the Old Testament and how it's teachings are continued into, and fulfilled, in the the New Testament. It gave me new insight into the simple, yet profound, message of the Bible story, and showed me how relevant and revolutionary that message was, and still is. Most of all, it taught me of God's amazing love for all His people and creation, and His ongoing and overwhelming desire for an intimate relationship with all of His creation. I will never read the Bible again in the same manner I have in the past. Lastly, by the time the course finished, I had made new friendships with members of the group which I hope we can sustain. Alan.

What will your comments be after next year's course?!
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