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Life is not meant to be lived alone




At TMC we believe you were created to experience life with other people, and that’s why we encourage everyone who attends Trinity to join-in at a Home Group, Small Group, Class Meeting or ‘Coffee Connect Chat’ Group.

Our groups come in all shapes and sizes and cater to all different ages and life stages with four main kinds of groups at Trinity:

Home Groups:

Sometimes also called Cell Groups, these are groups of ten to fifteen people who gather together weekly to study the Bible, share life experience, pray for one another and enjoy each other’s company. Some of these groups meet at Trinity, but most of them meet in homes around Johannesburg. The meeting time is also set by the group for when is most convenient for its participants, some meet in the morning while some meet in the evening. Some groups have been meeting for over twenty years, some have only been meeting for a few months, but all of them are loving and caring places for nurture and God’s love.

There is a group which is just right for you, call the church office or email us from the contacts page to connect with a group.

Small Groups:

For some people, getting your hands ‘dirty’ while sharing life together is a great way to be part of a group. Because of this there are also a number of groups who meet regularly to do something specific while enjoying each other’s company and discussing hot topics. Examples of these are the In His Steps Hiking group, the Flower Arranging group, Bulletin Folding group and Sewing Group to mention a few. These are great ways of offering time with a skill as well as connecting with others and sharing life together.

Call the church office or email us from the contacts page to connect with one of these groups. If you think you would like to start a group to do something practical while sharing life together, please also contact us!

Class Meetings:

Class meetings are the backbone of the Methodist Church and serve as a home for growth, caring and discipleship. It’s where family and friends are made, scripture is deeply discussed and fun is had. These usually takes place after the 11.30am Service on a Sunday. Come to connect and be part of this. Call the church office or email us from the contacts page to connect with one of these groups.

Coffee Connect Chat:

For those who prefer a smaller group or are unable to commit to a regular weekly time slot we also encourage ‘Coffee Connect Chat’. As the name suggests it is a time to grab a cup of coffee with a couple of other people; connect about life and the bible; and chat through life’s joys and challenges. Following material that is available for download off the internet, these groups can meet for as little as thirty minutes with a few guided questions or to discuss for as long as the group wants. Groups are usually made up of three people, but discussions with two or up to five people also work well. They are flexible in how often to meet (as regularly as weekly, but even as often as once a month is also okay), where to meet and who to meet with. By far, this is the most flexible model of small group at Trinity and we encourage as many people as possible to be involved. For more info on these, call the church office or email us from the contacts page to start one of these groups.


Groups come in all shapes and sizes – married couples, singles, men, women, kids, no kids, under 20, over 40 – the list goes on. No matter where you are in life, there’s a group for you.



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