Trinity Methodist Church


Outreach 2

This portfolio aims to actively build relationships through service to our community, our country and our world.


Nhandimo Community Water Project Repair Report April 2017

Every year, TMC embarks on a mission trip to Mozambique (which normally takes place during the July holidays), focused on assisting a community in Chidenguele (pronounced Shid-den-ge-le) +-800km from the church.

Over the past few years, TMC has helped established classrooms for the children in the community as well as supplied them with clothes and materials for school. In 2016, TMC worked on providing running water (through taps) for members of the community, where before they would have to walk roughly about 200 – 300m just to get water for the day.



Holiday Club

Not sure what to do with the kids during school holidays? Send them through to TMC’s annual holiday club, a week long morning programme for grades 0-7 that takes place during the April school holidays. A different theme is chosen each year and activities are run by youth leaders. These include worship, crafts, games, drama, quiet times and just all round fun. The week ends with the construction of a delicious banana split, a long-standing tradition at TMC. Those who serve as leaders also have the opportunity to enhance their leadership capabilities and grow spiritually through evening worship and training camps.