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30 May-20 June

‘Drawing your picture of God’ Sermon Series
Take a deep dive into God’s character and how God works in our world through this important series.


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1 July

New Member’s & Information Evening
In a time of uncertainty, Trinity is a stable and inviting church. IF you would like to become a member, click here to join us.
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20 June

Communion Sunday
Join us for communion at all services. Elements will be available for collection for online participation.

Worship the King, Grow the Kingdom.

Join us in person or online this Sunday 13 June

Drawing your picture of God Sermon Series

7.30am Traditional Service  |  Church
9.30am Fusion Service (with Live Stream)  |  Church
9.30am Connect Service  |  Chapel
11.30am Vernacular Service  |  Church
6.30pm Home Service  |  Church

One of the main purposes of the Bible is to reveal God to us. Through the Bible we are given a picture of God; God’s character, how God works. It is a picture that develops throughout the Bible’s own development – and then culminates in Jesus as the fullest revelation of God. For this reason it is important that we participate in a series each year that focuses on our picture of God.

It is an ongoing project for us as Christians to appreciate God’s character and action. In some of the themes this year we go beyond some cliches about God – especially God’s power – and come to a place of deeper truth. When you are trying to understand God you are trying to understand the core nature of reality. So a quest to understand God is always also a quest to understand how life works. This quest helps us live as God’s children in this world.

The ‘Drawing your picture of God’ sermon series will help participants with some topics that trouble many church goers from time to time. Indirectly, this series will help with questions like: Why does God allow suffering? How does God act in the world? Is God really all-powerful? Does God know the future? What is the Trinity really? What is the relevance of these questions?

We hope and pray that the effect of the series will be a deeper awareness of God as Love – and lead to a deeper trust and confidence in God’s love.

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Note: We are open for physical services as well as online services. Booking is only needed if you would like to join the pre-booked express queue on a Sunday morning, otherwise booking for services is not required at the moment. If you are not able to attend in person, then join the live stream of the 9.30am Fusion Service using the button below (or find the video afterwards on the same link)

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Palm Sunday & Easter Sunday

If you missed our Palm Sunday or Easter Sunday Services, you can still catch them here!

Love in the time of Corona

A year into Lockdown, Devan Fleetwood helps us to reflect on the year that has passed and how we as a church have (and continue to) journey in this pandemic.

Upcoming Event - Trinity's Biggest Evangelistic Outreach

September 2021

Table Talk

A big thank you to all our volunteers!

2020 was a difficult year, but despite all the difficulties we are grateful to all the times Trinity’s volunteers went the extra mile to continue bringing Christ’s love to others.

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