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Worship the King. Grow the Kingdom
Even in the face of Coronavirus. We are a helping community!We are a caring community!We are a praying community!

Join us online or in person on Sundays!


7 March

“Eyes on the Road” Sermon Series for Lent
Week Three this Sunday

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Live Stream

5 March

Women’s World Day of Prayer
10.00am-12.00pm in the Church

7 March

Connect Service re-starting
We invite families and all members to join us again as we restart this contemporary family service

7 March

Commissioning Sunday
All ministry leaders are invited to come dedicate the year to God’s work at Trinity

A New Year's Message for all - Love in the time of Corona

Rev Londeka Mabaso shares a message of encouragement and hope as we begin 2021 in Lockdown

Worship the King, Grow the Kingdom.

Join us in person or online this Sunday, 7 March

Have you ever been lost and ended up not reaching your destination? What did it feel like not being at a right place at the right time? What are the reasons why you didn’t get to your destination? Was it you or circumstance?


Lent is the season of reflecting, praying, repenting and focusing more on God. it is the forty-day period of sacrifice leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection. How we prepare for Good Friday and resurrection is very important.

Any person who is in Christ is a new creature. It is then their responsibility to renew their mind and heart to the Word of God and use this word to take control of their life. This is not easy though. On my own, I cannot do it, but when I walk with the Lord, what a glory God sheds on my way!

This Lent season we are presented with an opportunity to return from our ways, repent, and have our EYES ON THE ROAD again.

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Note: we are open for physical services as well as online services. Use the buttons to pre-book for the physical service or join the live stream of the 9.30am Service (or find the video afterwards on the same link)

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Covenant & Vision Sunday

If you missed our Covenant or Vision Service, you can still catch it here!

Upcoming Event - Trinity's Biggest Evangelistic Outreach

September 2021

Table Talk

A big thank you to all our volunteers!

2020 was a difficult year, but despite all the difficulties we are grateful to all the times Trinity’s volunteers went the extra mile to continue bringing Christ’s love to others.

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We are called to be people
with a strong and clear
Kingdom Consciousness.

This means that we carry a life-informing
awareness that God reigns…

which gives us the mission to
honour and extend that reign.

We believe we are called to…

Worship the King
Grow the Kingdom

Trinity Methodist Church. Worship the King. Grow the Kingdom.

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