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Worship the King. Grow the Kingdom
Even in the face of Coronavirus. We are a helping community!We are a caring community!We are a praying community!

Join us online & in person on Sundays!


24 October

Trinity Birthday Service
Celebrate with Trinity on Sunday 24 October at 9.30am for ONE BIG COMBINED Birthday Service, with Harvest Festival and Communion!

24 October

Market Sunday
After the Birthday Service, browse stalls filled with home made goods.

The world around us...

Theological guidelines from the South African Council of Churches (SACC) on vaccinations

Click to view the PDF

Worship the King, Grow the Kingdom.

Love in the time of Corona

If you haven’t yet been vaccinated or have any hesitancy because of safety concerns or theological questions, watch this encouraging video from Rev John Wessels calling us all to be vaccinated.

Join us in person or online this Sunday 24 October

Each year we celebrate the ministry, worship and community that Trinity is in the lives of so many. We gather together as a one family in Christ with a single, all-age, cross-service gathering.

In 2021 we celebrate the service with Communion as well as a Harvest Festival. All the gifts brought for the Harvest Festival will go to the Ikageng Itireleng ministry to child headed households.

We celebrate another year together of Worshiping the King and Growing the Kingdom!

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24 October Live Stream
The To Be List... Sermon Series

If you missed this life-changing sermon series, you can still catch the first installment for the Fusion Service and Contemporary services respectively!
(Others in the Sermons tab above)

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We are called to be people
with a strong and clear
Kingdom Consciousness.

This means that we carry a life-informing
awareness that God reigns…

which gives us the mission to
honour and extend that reign.

We believe we are called to…

Worship the King
Grow the Kingdom

Trinity Methodist Church. Worship the King. Grow the Kingdom.

Thank you for visiting our website as we connect with more and more people online!

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