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Holy Week in the time of Corona

Holy Week at Trinity this year is of course going to be unique – but our prayer is that by God’s Spirit the uniqueness of not being on the property and the troubling character of the corona pandemic would remarkably be transformed into a fresh experience of Jesus and his kingdom.

There is a widespread acknowledgement that a better world needs to be born after this pandemic and so it is excellent timing that Christian people should be so focussed on God’s self-sacrificial suffering love. Such love, practiced by most, would enable a new and better world to walk out of the corona tomb.

Below you will find information on our whole Holy Week programme, as well as in the Holy Week 2020 tab above.

Palm Sunday, 5th April

Jesus is welcomed into Jerusalem as a king.

Monday to Wednesday, 6th to 8th April

What kind of a king? This is based on the question, ‘Why Jesus’. It seeks to tell us that Jesus came and taught new ways of life. That he didn’t conform to worldly values, but to kingdom values. With this theme we will understand why he caused a stir and challenged the status quo. His being able to cross over to the other side of the lake and touching people with leprosy means he was different from what the world knew. Our prayer is for us to know Jesus for who he really is, not what the world thinks of him.

This Holy week theme will be divided into 3 sub-themes for three days.

Monday: God’s gift to men and women

Tuesday:  Mercy happens when we are shown compassion

Wednesday: God’s love is everywhere

Tenebrae, Thursday 9th April

This service is a favourite for many and we will lead you so that you can participate at home. You will love what we have put together for you!

Good Friday, 10th April

This day is the white hot centre of God’s love. This is the moment in which the cross and corona virus exposes the world to its true state.

Holy Saturday, 11th April

As we wait for the resurrection on Easter Sunday it is a very meaningful day to remember your loved ones who have passed on. Our normal Remembrance service will be postponed till later this year. We will however upload a liturgy for you to use if you wish to remember loved ones.

Easter Sunday, 12th April

A world desperate for the miracle of abundant life in the midst of so much death and destruction celebrates the historical event of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.

Love in the time of Corona

This Sunday's Sermon - Please see the sermon options in the 'Trinity Today' tabs in the menu.

We are called to be people
with a strong and clear
Kingdom Consciousness.

This means that we carry a life-informing
awareness that God reigns…

which gives us the mission to
honour and extend that reign.

We believe we are called to…

Worship the King
Grow the Kingdom

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