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Need Prayer? How can we pray with you at Trinity Methodist Church Linden?

We all experience times of deep joy and also deep struggle, but we are certain that life was never meant to be experienced alone, that is why we pray with and for each other daily as a church community.

Let’s experience life together through praying together!

Need prayer? How can we pray with you?

Confidential prayer is available after every Sunday service with a trained prayer team member. Go to the front of the church after the service if you would like someone to pray with you.

You are welcome to complete the online prayer request form below or to contact the church office.
Your request will be prayed for confidentially by our prayer team.

Let our church community pray with you

Need prayer? Please use the online prayer request form below to indicate your request to us.

You can find more specific contact information here 

The Prayer Chain

The Prayer chain is made up of about 50 people who pray for urgent prayer requests as they happen, communicated via sms.

The Prayer Team

The Prayer Team are also available to pray with you in your home or hospital when illness prevents you from attending services.

Colossians 1:9-12 (MSG)
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