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Worship the King. Grow the Kingdom

We are all called to live well in society and in community. The People Helping People Project is one way in which Trinity seeks to do exactly that. This project came about as a result of an awareness of employment challenges faced by a number of our church community.

This project focuses on facilitating connections between identified needs both within our congregation and the broader community and available resources from within the congregation and broader community. There may be ways in which we (as a community) can offer concrete support and help to one another that we have previously not thought about.

Trinity Business / Service Directory

The directory is available in hard copy format or via email from the church office.

Advertise your Service

We invite you to advertise your business or services offered in our Trinity Business / Service Directory – a resource listing Trinity community businesses and services.

Find a Service

We invite you to make use of this directory to connect with a business or service that you are looking for; to share the directory with others and to promote the directory wherever possible.

The People Helping People project is facilitated by a partnership with AMS HR Skills

Through AMS, we are able to link people with self-employment opportunities.

We encourage you to join this project by offering your skills; resources; expertise; or any work related opportunities to connect with someone who may benefit from this.

Register your CV

Job Seekers are able to register their CV with us to link with possible opportunities.

Register your CV

We are also involved with:

  • The DreamXchange (an online self-employment web portal) and
  • Homeless Talk (self-employment newspaper sales).
Find out more about these projects

Find out about AMS

There are a number of ways in which we can be of assistance to Job Providers in a way which ultimately is helpful to the broader community – please visit the AMS HR Skills website for more details.

Get involved with one of the People Helping People Projects

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