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Worship the King. Grow the Kingdom

We are deeply grateful to all of those who make ministry at Trinity possible through giving their time, their expertise, their participation and giving financially. We are only able to Worship the King, Grow the Kingdom and live the Gospel faithfully through this generosity.

Giving Financially

At Trinity we are as transparent with our finances as possible.

To request any further details about Trinity’s finances, please contact the church office, we would be happy to share how we use tithes, donations and other money in growing God’s Kingdom.

Giving of time, talent and expertise

If you feel God moving you to give some time to a project; using a talent, gift or skill you have to build the faith community; or expertise in an area which may be useful to Trinity, please chat to us.

How to give financially to the life of Trinity

There are various ways to respond to God through giving.

EFT is generally the easiest and safest way to tithe.

Internet or Cell Phone Banking

Account Name: MCSA Trinity Society
Branch Number: 006305
Bank Account Number: 200111760
Please supply your name or a unique consistent reference when giving in this way.

Use Sanpscan to deposit money

Monthly Planned Giving

Envelopes into which you can place your cash or cheque.

The church office can supply you with these when requested.


Snap code is printed in the monthly bulletin.

Credit Card

After the 9.30am service a speedpoint terminal is available on request.

Collection plate

Place your cash giving into the collection bag on a Sunday

Take some time to watch these three videos from Senior Minister Rev John Wessels on Trinity’s Money and Mission

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