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At Trinity we equip and guide our Home Group and Class leaders as much as possible. Being a group leader is deeply fulfilling, but also challenging and time consuming – to assist all those who feel called to lead a group we believe more resource is always better than less to help alleviate the challenge of finding material so that leaders can focus on facilitating the group week-by-week.

Looking for Home Group and Class resources?

In addition to resources in our library Trinity follows a Sermon Series plan throughout the year for which we develop ‘Sermon Based Curriculum Booklets’ to use during group meetings. We invite all group leaders to encourage their groups to follow these throughout the year and to have social or outreach programmes in the weeks on which there are no Sermon Series.

This material is for everyone!

If you are a Trinity Home group and would like to use past materials; OR if you are not from Trinity, but you are keen to use these materials to meet a need your group may have, please feel free to use these resources!

Choose from any of the preachers, each has a slightly different take on the topic but all follow the same topic and theme each week.

Using the small group resources

Hear the teaching

Encourage your group to attend any of the five services on a Sunday for all the weeks of the series. Remind your group to participate fully in the service and sermon.

If you are not able to attend a Sunday service, or wish to do a study based on a past sermon series you can download past sermons.

Download the Home Group Notes

Download the booklets below and distribute to your group.

Meet weekly

Use the material weekly.

Together In Care

The Home Group is ideally suited to provide care and support for its members.

Why? Because the group meets regularly and a level of trust is developed which allows members to request care and provide care for one another.

We all know how to care, but here are some guidelines which we have found helpful:

  • Appoint a care co-ordinator / champion for the group who can co-ordinate the prayer requests; respond to practical needs; and / or facilitate the fellowship aspect of the group Celebrating joys and sorrows, birthdays etc.
  • Extend the care outside of the group by serving together as a group – tea after services, soup kitchen, supporting an outreach ministry together.
  • Encourage prayer partnerships in your group and hold each other accountable for your prayer life.
  • Let us know if a group member is needing extra support (check with them first if they are happy for us to know).

How can we help you?

  • Trinity Prayer chain – urgent prayer requests communicated via WhatsApp to a group of about 50 people (8am to 8pm).
  • Prayer team on duty at every Sunday service – refer members for extra prayer support.
  • Hospital visits and home visits in times of crisis.
  • Short-term emergency financial help for members through the Care Fund.

Specialised outreach:

  • ‘Thriving’ Mental Health support group monthly;
  • Let’s Talk informative sessions on life issues;
  • Cancer Care support;
  • The Bereavement Journey Course (7-week course for Bereavement).
  • Grief Support Helpline – Marietha – 082 786 3593.
  • A listening ear to discuss a challenging care situation.
  • Christian Counselling and referral to counselling.
  • Resources on difficult topics eg. Caring for a group member who is grieving.

Contact the Pastoral Care Office – 011 782 0367 or

Considering joining a group?

Listen to the uplifting testimonies of those who have joined a Home Group to encourage you on this journey:

Considering becoming a leader?

If you are considering becoming a Home Group or Class leader, take time to prayerfully listen to this podcast with John Wessels, Londeka Mabaso, Liz Theron and Johanna Dehning to get an idea of what it means to be a group leader and the ‘Sent Leader’ model we sometimes use at Trinity.

Also take time to read through this document about the purpose of a Home Group and how to lead one.

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