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At Trinity we believe that ‘Good things come in small circles’ and our vision is that every member of Trinity joins a small group in which they can be nurtured in faith and share fellowship with others.

There are a variety of ‘small circles’ which are open to you:

These groups come in all shapes and sizes – married couples, teens, singles, men, women, with kids, no kids, under 20, over 40, retired – the list goes on.

Home groups (also known as cell groups or bible study groups) are groups of about ten people who meet weekly or fortnightly to study the Bible (or other Christian literature) and share fellowship. There are options of daytime or evening groups and groups meeting in homes or at the church. We are happy to chat with you to see which group will ‘fit’ you best, so please fill in the form below and we will contact you.

Class meeting usually take place on a Sunday after the 11:30am service. This is a space where scripture is discussed and fellowship enjoyed.

Our ‘small interest groups’ allow the opportunity for fellowship while doing a particular activity. This includes: Flower Arranging Group; Bulletin Folding Group; Sewing Group; Women’s Auxiliary; Meditation Group; Seniors Group; Trinity prayer group and Manyano.

If you think you would like to start a group to do something practical, while sharing life together, please also contact us!

‘Coffee Connect Chat groups’ consist of two to five people who meet over a cup of coffee to connect about life and the Bible. These groups are flexible in how often they meet (weekly or even once a month); where they meet; how long they meet for and who they meet with. The groups make use of material which is available for download to guide their discussions.

We also organise an annual GroupLink event which you are welcome to attend. This is an informal gathering of people looking to be placed in small group or home groups. New groups are formed at this event and often start meeting the following week.

Watch the bulletin, weekly email and website for details of the next GroupLink.

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