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Worship the King. Grow the Kingdom

Youth at Trinity Methodist Church

Create a solid foundation, and establish the next generation

Everything we do as Youth at Trinity is about real relationships with others and with Jesus. We want to build a foundation in every teenager, so they may securely face life and its challenges.

Hey, are you new?

We want to make attending comfortable for you

Open to teenagers from Gr 8 to Gr 12

Friday Nights

From 8.00pm – 10.00pm we invite everyone to Friday Night Youth.

This is a great time of lessons, games, fellowship and worship. Each week is different with a lot of effort put into everything we do. The people are friendly and the leaders are great!

Sunday Mornings

From 9.30am to 10.30am we invite everyone to Sunday Morning Youth.

Don’t miss our Sunday Morning programme for Gr 8 to Gr 12. This happens at the same time as the 9.30am services. It is a relaxed time where there’s a lesson, games, and fellowship.

Become a Leader

Ministry doesn’t just happen out of nowhere, it takes passionate and dedicated people to get things happening.

If you feel called to be a leader on Friday nights or Sunday mornings, please fill in the email form below.

Connect with us

Friday Night Youth and Sunday Morning Youth are programmes for teenagers from 13 to 19 years old. We aim to grow relationships with the teenagers and enable them to grow their relationship with God.

We meet every Friday night from 8.00pm to 10.00pm, and at 9.30am to 10.30pm every Sunday morning during the 9.30am service. Here we share life and friendship together.

Info for Parents of our Youth

Parents are an important part of Youth Ministry. We realise our potential with teens is limited to whatever happens after they leave us. Home is where ministry starts, continues, and ends. We try to involve parents as much as we can.

There is nothing worse than dropping your teenager off and not knowing what happens with them or what is being taught.

Every week we message the parents on WhatsApp and email and inform them what we are doing with them in that week. We also believe in an open communication policy between the parents and the leaders – we don’t know what we don’t know.

We ask that if there are problems at home or in the teen’s life. When we know about it, we can best tackle the issue or be sensitive towards the child. Awareness helps us do ministry better! We also believe letting you as the parent know if something is wrong. We will not spill their secrets, but rather just inform you of the general feeling. If necessary we will stay within a confidential boundary. We note that Youth is their safe space and we will do our best to ensure that it stays like that.

If you would like to get involved, be a part of the WhatsApp group, or even find out more, please feel free to contact our Youth Pastor

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