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2019 Passionate Spirituality – The life of faith as a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ

What is Passionate Spirituality?

The Natural Church Development survey describes Passionate Spirituality in the following way:

Effective ministry flows out of a passionate spirituality. Spiritual intimacy leads to a strong conviction that God will act in powerful ways. A godly vision can only be accomplished through an optimistic faith that views obstacles as opportunities and turns defeats into victories.

Passionate spirituality – Christians in these congregations are “on fire” (Spirit filled). They have a genuine relationship with God. People’s lives are committed to their faith. They are enthusiastic and joyful.

The results of the 2018 Natural Church Development (NCD) survey completed (by a selection of Trinity’s leaders and members involved in Trinity’s ministries), indicated that Trinity’s ‘minimum factor’ (area for improvement) is Passionate Spirituality.

From the survey the key areas identified that are weak and need focus are:

  1. The bible as a powerful guide for me in the decisions of everyday life
  2. Telling Christians when I have experienced something from God
  3. Believing God will work more powerfully in our church in the coming years
  4. Experiencing God’s work in my life
  5. Enjoying reading the bible
  6. Experiencing inspiring times of prayer

As a result the following areas for Growth have been identified:


Experiencing and connecting with God- passion for devotions and retreat


Passion for reading and studying the Bible


Passion for personal prayer


Sharing Spiritual experiences – Home Groups and Testimonies


Passion for church and Intercessory prayer for Trinity


Applying Spiritual truths in daily life


Knowing and practicing spiritual gifting


Connecting with Jesus through connecting with need

This Passionate Spirituality self-assessment is provided so that you can utilise this tool to help you assess your level of Passionate Spirituality and to identify where you specifically need to grow.

We need to remember that we are all on a spiritual journey and so what we need at a particular point in time will differ from person to person.

As a result we have put together a ‘menu’ of options outlining what will be provided by Trinity or what you can do during the year to help you grow in specific areas, leading to more passionate spirituality. This will hopefully enable each person to set their own “Spiritual Goals” for the year.

Step 1: Getting started

To help you identify activities that you could focus on to grow your Passionate Spirituality, there is a Self-Assessment questionnaire for you to complete (ideally online but you can also do this on a hard copy).

  • Begin by praying that the Spirit would guide you to see where there is opportunity for spiritual growth.
  • Answer the questions as honestly as possible.
  • You will receive an email with your scores for each Growth Area. This will serve to help gauge what areas to work on.

By prayerfully assessing your score, choose two (or more if you want) areas to focus on.

Fill in and view the Self-Assessment Tool

Or download and print the same form to fill in manually. Follow the instructions in the booklet.

Step 2: Find out more

Now that you have identified your areas of growth, Trinity’s team will be providing resources / opportunities now and throughout the year for you to be able to develop and grow in your identified growth areas. These are reflected on the Passionate Spirituality Menu.

(Make sure you make use of opportunities for growth and service throughout the year. In other words, don’t leave it for only one part of the year to work on your spirituality.)

For your focus areas, identify which activities or challenges you may take up to enable your growth:

Your practices, becoming habits, will serve to further ignite your Passionate Spirituality as they move you towards God, God’s people and God’s mission.

View the Passionate Spirituality Menu

Step 3: Complete the Interest Form

Now it’s your chance to plan your Spiritual year!

To help Trinity in its planning for the various activities being offered and to help you formulate your plans for growth during the year, please complete the interest form. This will also enable us to see the level of participation by the congregation in this year’s Passionate Spirituality strategic focus.

Where you indicate an interest in a specific course, retreat or activity we will send you a reminder closer to the event so that you can make a final decision if you want to participate, and then you can sign up when registration formally opens.

Please note that you do not need to limit your participation to activities only in your identified Growth areas. If there is something you want to do to further deepen your spirituality, do reflect your interest for those menu items.

View the interest form
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