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Worship the King. Grow the Kingdom

If you are planning to fill this questionnaire in it means you have a willingness to improve your relationship with God. Well Done!

We look forward to walking with you as you identify and work on growing your passionate spirituality this year.

Remember it’s not a test. Don’t worry if you score low in some or even all the areas – nobody is expected to have the perfect score and everyone is at a different stage of their spiritual journey.

Try to answer the questions as honestly as possible to get a good idea of your Spiritual strengths and weaknesses. Please try to answer all questions because any left out will get a score of zero.

Although we ask you for your name, this assessment will be treated confidentially. Your name will be linked to a number so that we can track your improvement later in the year but only the computer programmer will have access to the names in order to link the scores.

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