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How can you be of help in this time of need?

The COVID-19 Coronavirus is causing unforeseen struggles for many in our community. As a church we are committed to ‘being Christ in the world’ and giving loving support wherever we are able.

We uphold others in prayer at all times, but if you would like to specifically pray for someone deeply impacted by the virus (and possibly with someone over the phone), please fill in below.

If you are also able to assist in any of these community building ways, please also indicate so:

Shop and run errands for those most at risk of Coronavirus (the elderly and immuno-compromised)

Shop and run errands for those who are in isolation (safe drop-off of goods will be arranged)

Cook a meal for those who may be experiencing the impact of the virus more deeply

Join the prayer chain to pray for others

Any other way of assisting those in need

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