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Worship the King. Grow the Kingdom

Well Done! If you are planning to fill this questionnaire in it means you have a willingness to improve your relationship with God.

Passionate Spirituality: The life of faith as a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ

Natural Church Development describes passionate spirituality as:

Effective ministry flows out of a passionate spirituality. Spiritual intimacy leads to a strong conviction that God will act in powerful ways. A godly vision can only be accomplished through an optimistic faith that views obstacles as opportunities and turns defeats into victories.

Passionate spirituality – Christians in these congregations are “on fire” (Spirit filled). They have a genuine relationship with God. People’s lives are committed to their faith. They are enthusiastic and joyful.

This Passionate Spirituality self-assessment tool is designed to help individuals to assess their level of spiritual maturity and to identify where there are specific opportunities to grow. We need to remember that we are all on a spiritual journey and that each person will have different needs at their particular point on the journey.

For this self-assessment, we have categorised the areas for Spiritual Growth as follows:

  • Experiencing and connecting with God- passion for devotions and retreat: GOD CONNECTION
  • Passion for reading and studying the Bible: BIBLICAL KNOWLEDGE
  • Passion for personal prayer: PERSONAL PRAYER
  • Sharing Spiritual experiences – Home Groups and Testimonies: SPIRITUAL SHARING
  • Passion for church and Intercessory prayer for Trinity: CHURCH PASSION
  • Applying Spiritual truths in daily life: SPIRITUAL APPLICATION
  • Knowing and practicing spiritual gifting: SPIRITUAL GIFTS
  • Connecting with Jesus through connecting with need: REACHOUT
  • Working for the Kingdom: LEADERSHIP AND SERVICE

Once you have identified areas for growth, we hope that the resources and areas of ministry provided by Trinity will help you to grow closer to God and become more passionate about your spirituality.

Remember it’s not a test. Don’t worry if you score very low in some or even all the areas – nobody is expected to have the perfect score and everyone is at a different stage of their spiritual journey.

Try to answer the questions as honestly as possible to get a good idea of your Spiritual strengths and weaknesses. Please try to answer all questions because any left out will get a score of zero.

We recommend you put aside about 20 minutes to complete the questions.

Step 1 Getting started

  • Begin by praying that the Holy Spirit will guide you to see where there is opportunity for spiritual growth.
  • The questionnaire can be completed either:
  • Digitally: In which case the scoring is done for you and an email is sent to you with the outcome of your assessment (We request your email address but note that this assessment will be treated confidentially, and your information will be used for no other purpose other than to send you your resultant scores).

Scroll down to fill in the digital questionnaire.


  • Manually: Click here to download, print and fill in a PDF version of the document which can be used to answer the questions and for you to tally your scores.

Step 2 After completing the assessment

  1. By prayerfully assessing the outcome, you may want to choose the two (or more if you want) areas with the lowest scoring, to specifically focus your efforts for the next year or so.
  2. To identify what you could do to develop and grow in your identified growth areas, we recommend that you go to the “Spiritual Walk – Growing in Grace” webpage (click here) to identify resources or opportunities which could assist you.
  3. After reading what is available, identify which activities, courses or resources you may take up to enable your growth.

Keep in mind that your practices, becoming habits, will serve to further ignite your Passionate Spirituality as they move you towards God, His people and His mission.

We look forward to walking with you, as through God’s grace, you identify and work on growing closer to God. If you would like to discuss your Spiritual walk further, please contact us at to make an appointment.

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