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Worship the King. Grow the Kingdom

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Dear friend,

Why is Jesus important? How important is he? What makes him so special? What does Jesus offer the world?

In a nutshell – Why Jesus?

Knowing the full answers to these questions is of vital importance to your own life. Nothing is more important! Are you able to answer these questions fully? What are you missing out?

Knowing the answers would also motivate you to join his movement in society (this is normally called ‘entering the Kingdom’). The world would be blessed if you would do this. The world needs Jesus! The world needs many people who know Jesus and why he is important.

Knowing the answers would also persuade you to invite people to church – or talk to them about Jesus. Do you think that is important? It gets back to the question: Why Jesus?

We invite you to come along for an extensive journey of carefully exploring what makes Jesus so important. In this journey you will be enriched in the most important places of your life. It will not be an easy journey – it will be long and some aspects will challenge you to your core. But Jesus has always had that impact on people!

We know that not everyone is at a place in their lives of being able to make a time consuming commitment. So there are options and you can choose what will be best for you. The length of the journeys are all the same – it is the depth that varies. The journey begins on Ash Wednesday and continues through Lent, Easter Season and Pentecost until Trinity Sunday. This is from 26th February to the 7th June. We ask that you prayerfully consider the following levels of engagement in this journey:

Choose your options below:

Going Solo

Attend a Sunday service and use the ‘Why Jesus?’ Participation Guide in personal devotions.

In Community

Attend a Sunday service and follow the ‘Why Jesus?’ Sermon Based Curriculum in your Home Group.

With Teaching

Attend a Sunday service and attend the Missing Jesus? Finding the Shepherd We Lost course that will run on Wednesday evenings. This will be a deep dive into understanding, experiencing and participating in the life that Jesus offers the world.

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